Simple Process to Find Phone’s Serial and IMEI Number

Serial Number and IMEI Number

Whenever you buy a new device from the market you check all the specifications of that smartphone device. Like the RAM of that phone, the storage, Processor, and other different specs. No one buys a phone without checking the specs of the device and it is a good thing too.

And besides, for that specs, there are different details that are available also related to that device. That I don’t think many of you notice in the device. And in these all details there are two specific details. That is very important from the perspective of a user, and they are phone Serial number and IMEI number. And I am 100 percent sure you heard these two words somewhere too.

And a tip for all of you whenever you buy a new device note your serial number and IMEI number of your device. Now you are thinking why is that, and for that read the post below, it helps you to know why it is important and what it can do.

What is the Serial Number on smartphones?

Every device that is made or available in a market comes up with a unique serial number. No matter if you have an android device or an iOS device every phone has its unique serial number. And the work of a serial number is to tell the user about the model of the device, manufacturing date of a device, and warranty information and storage variant of the phone. The iOS devices contain some more information in their serial number as compared to many Android Devices.

What is the IMEI number on Smartphones?

IMEI number is also like a serial number on a device that can help you very much if your phone is stolen or if you lost it somewhere. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity every device that can connect with networks has its own unique IMEI number. And if you use a smartphone device then you can track your phone from your IMEI number by sitting in your home. But the question arises now is how to find the IMEI number of your phone.

How to find the Serial number and IMEI number of your Phone-

There are many methods to find both the serial number and the IMEI number of your device. And some of the methods are

  1. Go to the About Device section of your phone, this is available in your phone setting where you can find both numbers of your device.
  2. Dial  *#06# in your dial pad, it gives you information about your IMEI number.
  3. Check your device box or phone recept both contain the information of your Serial number and IMEI number.

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