Simple and best fashion tricks for men

If you are a guy who likes to be stylish and always try new fashion trends. It has been very important for you to knew some fashion tricks and tips which helps you to look nice and clean. If you are getting late for somewhere or spoil your shirt with some drink and don’t know what to do instantly. This tricks will help you to deal with some of those situations at that spot.

So here are the top 6 tricks which you can use in your fashion style if you don’t know what to do in ready to go situation.

1. Find the perfect size of jeans fo you

This trick is for those who go to the mall and get confused that whether this pair of jeans will fit for me or not. So now don’t have to worry because there is one trick which you can use to find your perfect size jeans. All you have to do is hold the two side of your jeans waist and fold it around your neck. If the waist of the jeans fit around your neck. then it will fit you perfectly.

2. Shirt collar won’t stay in shape perfectly.

If you are an office guy. And wear a shirt regularly then you know one problem which is related to old shirts. The collar of the shirt does not stay in shape perfectly. For this problem, we can use two solutions. First we can use a hair straightener on the collar of the shirt it helps the collar to stay in shape. And second, we can use a safety pin inside the collar it will also help with this problem.

3. How to remove the smell from a shoe?

If your shoes smell very bad and feel embarrassed. To remove the shoes in public places or friends home. Then there is one trick which you can apply to get rid of this problem. All you have to do is find a plastic bag. Add 1 teaspoon of cornstarch. 1 teaspoon of baking soda. 5 drop of essential oil. And mix the solution. When you mix the solution then put the mixed powder in both pair of shoes. After some hours you will find that the smell of the shoes is gone.

4. Remove chewing gum from your clothes.

Removing chewing gum from clothes is the most irritating and annoying problem which we all have faced. Most of the guys throw their shirt or jeans when this thing has happened to him. But there is a simple and effective solution which you can use to remove any gum from your clothes. All you have to do is pick up some ice cubes from your fridge. And rub that area with some ice after some minutes you will find that the gum is removed from that jeans or shirt.

5. Have a dull razor and need it instantly.

One day you are shaving your beard and find out that your razor blade is dull and you don’t have an extra blade. But you have to shave instantly because you have an important meeting in the office and you have to look clean and tidy. So what can you do now? There is a simple trick which you can use to sharpen your blade. All you have to do is find your denim jeans or jacket and rub the blade from upside to down in that denim clothes. And after some minute your razor blade is ready to shave your beard again.

6. Remove stain from your clothes in a few minutes.

Whenever you go to some party or dinner and spill some juice or food in your clothes. All you think about then is how will I remove this stain from my shirt without leaving a mark of stain in it. one option is that you can bleach it but sometimes it fades away the colour of the shirt which you don’t like at all. The second and without any chemical option is that. Make a paste with Salt, Starch and some lemon juice and applied it in the area of the stain. It will help to remove the stain from that shirt.

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