Reason behind PUBG Kr ban in India and globally


Like you all know last year Indian government ban some Chinese apps and games. That also includes one of the most popular games in Indian PUBG Mobile. At that time when the game ban from India the number of players who play the game are very upset. And due to the hype of the game players try different ways to play PUBG again.

And that’s when the PUBG Mobile Kr gain its popularity, in India too. The majority of the players at that time-shifted toward the KR version of the game. And the KR version also became very popular from starting due to its highly attractive outfits and some free gifts.

But Now the organisation decided that all the global players that are currently playing the KR version of the game from outside of Korea and Japan. Will soon not being able to access the Korean version of PUBG. And only players from Korea and Japan for which the game is specially made can play the game from now on.

And the main reason for this, in my opinion, is the load on the servers and its effect on the Kr version. Because day by day player from many countries is moving toward the PUBG Mobile Kr. And that can be causing the higher load of the server. So that can be the reason why the game is banning the global player from access the game.

Now, this process will be implemented step by step for different region. And that is revealed by the official Instagram post of the PUBG Mobile Kr. And by the words from the post, all the Indians will not be able to access the game from 30 June 2021.

What do you think?

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