PUBG Mobile Korean Version : Download In Few Steps

Pubg Mobile Korean Version

Pubg mobile is a one of the best mobile game available out there. But here are some points to make, that in India from the past few months the game is ban due to some security concern. But besides that, all you can agree that it is quite amusing and from very few mobile games that is good at almost every perspective.

And like the global version, the other favourite version of PUBG Mobile for the gamers is the Korean one. That is widely popular for its unique dresses and avatars. And in many ways for its better performance and a lag-free experience.

In Android, the Pubg Mobile KR(Korean version) is available in Play store but in limited regions like Japan and South Korea. So if you live in India and want to play the KR version from India then you have to download it from some third-party apps and sites.

So in this part, we are going to show you some methods that you can use to play PUBG Mobile KR version in your device. Without facing any problem.

Download PUBG Mobile KR version in a few steps-

For downloading the Korean version there are many third-party apps and sites are available. And the size of the game is also approx 2GB. But you can use a simple app to download the game.

  1. For installation of the game first, download the TapTap app from the there official website. You can search it in google and it leads to there site. Where you can download it simply.
  2. After downloading install the apk of TabTab app in your smartphone.
  3. Now when the app downloaded open the application. And search for the PUBG Mobile KR version in it.
  4. Download the game from there and after the downloading complete. Open the game in a smartphone device and play the game without any problem.

Note-You cant use your old id in the Korean version. So to create an account in KR version you need a new play games account. That helps you to create a new account in the game.

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