PUBG Mobile and Microsoft Partnership : When You Expect PUBG Again

PUBG and Microsoft deal

The last 2 month for the PUBG gamers is a roller coaster ride. In September the Indian government ban the game due to privacy issue. But the news is circulated throughout the ban, about the partnership of PUBG with Airtel and Jio and the comeback of game. But all these words are just a tall story and in October 29th PUBG Mobile announced in their Facebook page that they are closing all the servers in India. And henceforth the users cant access the game from 30th October.

It is a bit shocking and sad news for the supporters of the game. Because it is a sudden move by PUBG Corp and no one is expecting that. And almost many think that this is the end of the PUBG in India.

But now the news that is coming is quite positive and prompting for the fans of PUBG who are eagerly waiting for the game to unban in India. The Krafton inc who is the Parent Company of the PUBG Corp is going to do a partnership with Microsoft.

And the Krafton, Inc. itself announce this deal with Microsoft. But many of you thinking that how making a deal with Microsoft can unban the PUBG in India.

So for this, you have to know that the Krafton did a deal with Microsoft Azure who can solve all problem of PUBG corp in India. But for this first, you have to know what is Microsoft Azure and how it can uplift the ban from PUBG in India.

Pubg announcement

What is Microsoft Azure, And how it can uplift the ban from the PUBG?

Microsoft Azure is basically a cloud computing service that is created by Microsoft itself. That provides a server, storage and a dedicated network to store a large amount of data. Microsoft Azure is the second-largest cloud computing service after Amazon’s AWS.

And now the Krafton inc is hosting their game in the Microsoft Azure servers. That means the data of users of India is now stored by the Microsoft in their servers. Microsoft is one of the biggest company in the USA and Microsoft Azure is one of the most secured Cloud computing services so now I think that the issue related to the security will now be resolved.

And the path of PUBG is now seeing to be clear in India again. All we have to do is wait for some weeks to know when the game is officially launched in India again.

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