PUBG India PVT LTD Registered As Company In India

PUBG Mobile India

The past few months are very engaging and exciting for the PUBG Mobile fans in India. Due to the popularity of the game in India, the ban of the PUBG got very hyped and all of the fans are awaiting the game to unban in India. And now the path of the re-release of the game in India seems to be bright enough. Due to many situations that occur in the past few weeks.

First the news of unbanning then creating an Indian version of PUBG Mobile for Indian users. And PUBG itself release a teaser of coming soon of the game. Helps to create more hype among the followers of the game in India.

And now there is some more news are coming that is directly related to the PUBG Mobile India. That seems more promising and confirms that the process of re-launching of the game in India again is in full boost.



So the news that is coming regarding PUBG India. Is now that it’s officially registered as a company with the Ministry of Corporate Affair. And it is an essential process that the company has to do. If they are thinking again to re-launch the game in India. So now it is done and you can expect that soon we are going to see the official announcement. About the game launch date in India.

The news is verified and if you want to check about this information. You can go to Google and search MCA 21. It directly opens the SERP where you can go to the official site of Ministry of Corporate Affairs and verify the information yourself.

And in the middle of this PUBG Corporation also announced about there plan of investing $100 Million in India. To support the Esoprt and growth of the different industry related to it.

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