Netflix free Originals movies and shows: Selective Content

Netflix free Originals movies and shows

We all know how much we use Netflix. And how much we love to watch our favorites shows and movies in it. Now it’s like a new theater for us but rather we watch the movies here from sitting in our homes. And to attract costumers we have seen many times that Netflix changes its price plans in India.

And now Netflix comes up with its new free content advertisement move. In which Netflix provides its all users from the globe some selective content to watch free without paying a single dime. And also you don’t need an account to watch these shows and movies they are free.

Whats Shows and movies you are going to see free on Netflix.

So for this, the OTT platform released some names of the shows and movies. That is available free on it. Including Stranger things Murder Mystery, Elite, The Boss Baby: Back in Business, When they see us, Love is blind, Bird Box, Our Planet, Grace, and Frankie and Two Popes. So from this list, if there is something which you want to watch for a long time. Then now it is a good and free time for it.

Another thing the company mentioned that. All these shows and movies may change from time to time. It means that at some period new shows and movies take the place of these available items.

And overall it is a good strategy to attract costumers. It’s a win-win situation for both costumers and the company.

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Is it Netflix’s new trial version.

Technically the answer to this question is no. It is not a trial version. Because in the trial version we have to create an account and add our debit or credit card in it. And in return, we can watch all shows and movies for 30 days free. But here we don’t need an account and there is not any time limit too.

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