Mortal Kombat – Mobile internet connection error | Problem solved


Mortal Kombat a game that has millions of download on the Androids Play Store only. And of the most famous fighting game of all time. The game is also widely famous for its wide variety of characters and its graphical fatalities.

The game is not something new in the market and it has been for almost 3 decades. Also, the game has its eleven editions. It means that the game has also seen too many updates and changes from its start to now.

In terms of graphics, the game is also very fabulous. Especially the fighting pits and the moves of players are very attractive to watch. And that is why many players love to play the game on the Mobile device too. Because it gives you almost the same feeling as you are playing on some consol.

But from the past few times, many new and old players of the game are facing some problem in Mortal Kombat. And it is mobile internet connecting error that they are facing when they are trying to log in. And this is very frustrating because no matter how many time you restart or wait you get that message every time.

But to solve this problem you can try some things that can help you to access your game again. So I am going to share with you two tricks that you can try to play the game again on your mobile device without getting that internet error message.

Fix Mobile internet connection error in Mortal Kombat –

  1. The first method to fix this problem is to use a VPN. But the thing about this method is most time it works but sometimes it’s not. So if you are using some particular VPN and it’s not solving the problem then try some other VPN from the play store.
  2. If you try the above method and it still not working. Then there is the only way to solve this network problem and that is to uninstall a game and reinstall it. I know it is a lot of data waste. But the majority of the time this methods works and your game run like it before.

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