Miui 12 features on Poco X2

Xiaomi has one of the biggest market and users in India. And almost every year they launch their new devices in the Indian market in every price segment. And for this huge amount of devices which are actively working. Xiaomi has to do a lot of work to constantly giving them the required updates.

And for this Xiaomi has given most of there devices a big update in time to time and upgrade there operating systems so they work more properly and fast. And this upgrading operating system which Xiaomi called miui. Now comes up with the latest version of it which is MIUI12.

The miui12 comes with a whole new android interface and a lot of new features. And also in this new miui update, you will also see performance improvement in your devices.

When the miui 12 rollout it gives only a few devices its new update. But now there are many devices which are now getting this new update. And in this list, the new POCO X2 device is the which got the update and now working on the new MIUI 12.

So now I am going to tell you some new MIUI12 features which you going to see in your POCO X2 devices

-Highlighted features on the POCO X2 miui 12-

The new MIUI12 on poco x2 brings a lot of changes in the device. But we are going to tell you some super exciting features list which you see in your POCO X2 device.

Super wallpaper-

Super wallpaper is a good looking and very cool looking wallpaper. Which we have seen in some more Xiaomi devices previously which got miui 12 updates in starting. But now in other devices who got miui12, we saw 2 new inbuild super wallpapers in the wallpaper section. Which we can use. And if in your POCO X2 you didn’t get this update then you also simply download these wallpapers zip files from the internet.

Control centre-miui12 control centre

The control centre is basically a quick panel which now Xiaomi renamed. In the control centre, you will see all the shortcuts like aeroplane mode, cellular data and many more and on another side, you see a new notification panel which now only shown notification and both the quick panel and notification panel are separated. If you swipe down from right you now see control centre and if you swipe down from left you see a notification panel.

Floating windows-miui12 floating window

Floating windows are basically a feature where you can minimize an app like you do in your pc and run another app too in your screen. This feature is not like the split-screen in which both take the half side of the screen. For using this feature you have to go to your recent app panel and hold an app then you see your floating window option.

New design and animation-miui12 animation

If we talk about animation and design about both of the miui11 and miui12 you see a big difference in both of them. Xiaomi now changes the design of its stocks apps like clock app security app and other different apps. You see a new design which looks cool. And in-app opening and closing you also see some new animation styles.

And in setting options now you see more graphical information with text information. Which is easy to understand.

Privacy Focused-miui12 privacy

Xiaomi now works a lot in the privacy department so the user will be safe and know what information are they giving to there apps. And in keeping this in mind they add a new privacy protection feature in there setting. So you can see which app is using your microphone and camera and what permissions are apps using in the background. You can change this permission also if you want.

Video toolbox-miui12 video toolbox

Video toolbox is another cool feature which we see in miui12. This feature will work on the video watching platforms like youtube and other famous apps. The video toolbox gives option like screen recording, screenshot and most important feature in which you can off your screen and you will hear the audio-only. Which you only see in Youtube premium version.

New camera app interface-miui12 camera

The camera app in the Xiaomi devices now look cleaner and you will see on them on full screen. The new interface is entirely different from miui11 camera app interface. And you will now see some more options in the app to.

So these are the some highlighted interesting features which you see in your POCO X2 device. And if you haven’t download new miui12 update in POCO X2 then you can download it from your update setting and enjoy the new features in it.

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