Marvels WandaVision : How to watch in India


Marvel cinematic universe has completed its phase third. Where we saw some of the most awesome movies and shows. Includes Avenger Endgame and Avenger Infinity war in which many of our heroes are retired too.

And now its time for a new phase with some of the new and old characters. A few months ago marvel has announced its phase four movies and shows. And the list is long for that. But this time phase four has included some of our favourite characters with their own series. And what is more awesome than seeing our some old heroes on their own series.

And that’s what marvel did this time focusing on more and more shows. The starting of this phase is going with WandaVision. Both the Wanda and vision started there journey in the Marvel cinematic universe in the phase second movie Avenger Age of Ultron. And now it is almost 5 years and in this year these two characters make a special place in the audience’s heart.

That’s why marvel decided to give this two-character their own series the WandaVision. The show is releasing soon. And it going be the first show of Marvel Phase four. So if you are a fan of marvel and want to see this new series in India then know where to watch it.

Release date of WandaVision-

The Marvel’s WandaVision is be going to be released on 15th January 2021. And the release date of the show in India is also be going to be the same. But the exact time of the release is not confirmed.

The main cast of WandaVision-

  • Paul Bettany – Vision.
  • Elizabeth Olsen – Wanda
  • Kat Dennings – Darcy Lewis
  • Kathryn Hahn – Agnes
  • Randell Park – Jimmy woo

Where to watch WandaVision in India-

The new show of marvel is releasing on 15th of January in Disney+ platform. And in India, you can watch it on Diney+Hotstar.  All the episodes of WandaVision and the upcoming shows of marvel are also going to be released on Disney+Hotsatar platform in India.

But here is a thing, in India the Disney+hotstar provide two subscription-based services. One is Disney+hotstar VIP and one is Disney+hotstar Premium. The VIP subscription only cost you ₹399/year. And the Premium on is about ₹1499/year and this premium service included all the Disney+ exclusive shows like WandaVision and other Marvel upcoming shows. So if you want to see WandaVision In India then for that you can buy Disney+hotsatar Premium subscription.


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