Is Loki series will be available on Netflix

where to watch Loki

On June 9 2021, the first episode of Loki was premiered. And as soon as it released it created a record and became the most-watched premiere of any Disney+ show. And this shows how much people are excited to see Loki on screen and how much they like Tom Hiddleston as Loki.

But the bad thing is that all the episodes of Loki are premiering one episode per week. So for the next episode, all the fans have to wait till June 16. But if you are a person who hasn’t even seen the first episode yet. And don’t know where to find the series then you are in a right place.

Because I am going to tell you where you can watch the series and what OTT platform you need to access it.

Is Loki available on Netflix?

If you searching the Loki on OTT platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Then you will not be able the find the show there. Because the show is Disney original or in other words Disney exclusive. And all the exclusive contents are available on their own platforms. So there is no way you can find the Loki on any OTT platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Where to watch Loki then?

As I said earlier the Loki is a Disney exclusive and all the exclusive contents will be available on their own platforms. So what it means that Loki will be available at Disney+ which is Disney’s own OTT platform. And their all exclusive shows will be available there. And if you are an Indian user then you can find the first season of Loki on Disney+ Hotstar.

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