IPL 2020: How teams making money from IPL

IPL 2020

The season of IPL is here, its late this time. But after a lot of planning and discussion, it is happening now and this time its UAE who is going to host the event due to coronavirus in India. And for this, the excitement of fans are on a different level.

But you ever think what makes IPL different from other Leagues that happened in other countries and what make it so popular that from all around the world hundreds of player each year comes to India to play this T20 league, this time in UAE.

And basically, it’s us who are so dedicated to Cricket. And that’s why in India, we treat it cricket as a religion. Cricket has a huge fan following from all around, who follow this sport. And that’s why when top players from the world play together then it is obvious that the cricket fans are gonna love that. And mostly its the reason behind this huge success of IPL.

But how these teams who played IPL manage to earn money and pay their payers and staff. And how much the owners of teams and BCCI made a profit from IPL. And in this post, we are telling you about the sources from which this T20 league makes money.

Major Sources from which IPL make Money

IPL Main Sponsor

So what the main sponsor, you all see every year when the name of IPL is taken, a company name is taken with it. Like the previous year its VIVO and before that Pepsi they all are the main Sponsors who give their sponsorship to IPL. And you can say that it is one of the major sources of money BCCI and teams franchises make.

The money that comes from the main sponsor split between the teams and BCCI. The 60 percent of the money taken by the team while 40 Percent are taken by BCCI alone. And this year you are seeing Dream11 as the main sponsor who paid RS 222Cr  for this sponsorship.


Merchandise is another source for team revenue it not that big but it makes good money for teams. Every IPL season’s teams sell the player signed Jerseys, there signed caps, and other accessories to their fans. And it is a quite growing business because everyone wants a sign related to the there favorite player. Or there signed Jerseys

Media Rights

Media rights make a huge amount of money for IPL. So what does it means, do you remember that IPL is broadcast by Sony network previously. But now from 2018, it is telecast on the StarSports network. So this Media Rights process is done by bidding. And for 5 years 2018 to 2022. The Star Network owns the right to telecast matches in their network by paying Rs 16,345 Cr. And it is a huge amount compared to the previous bid.

All the money comes from Media Right is also distributed between teams and BCCI in the form of 60:40. 60% is taken by team franchises and 40% is taken by the BCCI.

Personal/dedicated Sponsorship

If you see team jerseys in IPL they are filled with different companies logos like Jio, Samsung, and different other logos. So these are the Dedicated Sponsorship. Companies pay to team franchises to show there brand name or logo in there Jerseys. Every team has different sponsors but some brands pay more than one team money so their brands show on multiples team jerseys.

But the amount of money is different here. Because different brands pay different amounts of money for there sponsorship. So one team may make more money than another team.

Ticket Selling

There are 8 teams in IPL, and each team plays 2 matches with the different same team that means each team has to play 14 matches in total. And in those 14 matches, 7 are playing in there home ground. So if a team plays a match in there home ground then all the ticked selling money for that game goes directly to the team Franchise. And that’s why every team fixed the rate of tickets before starting of IPL.

But in this section, some teams make good money than others. And the team that has higher popularity and big ground sells most tickets than other teams. That’s why the amount of earing in ticket selling is different.

IPL Price Money

Price money

IPL price money change mostly years. That why some season money is high compare to previous seasons. And in IPL 2020 the winning price pool is 10Cr and 6.25 Cr for the runner-up team. And it is a good amount of money for teams. So if a team wins a Title then the money is distribution here is between players and owners that is 50:50.

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