Instagram Reels and how to use it

After the ban of TikTok in India, many short video platform app came to market as the alternative of TikTok. But recently Instagram rolls out an update for Android and iOS users in India. In which they got a short video feature option that Instagram calls Instagram Reels.

It is almost similar to TikTok app in many ways. Like it allows the users to create 15 seconds short videos with popular and trending songs in the background. And it also came up with eye-catching filters, Slow motion mode, and different kinds of music.

And if we talk about this feature that how it works. Is it good or bad or is it really interesting or not. Then we have to know that it is on its testing mode and India is the fourth country that got that feature after Brazile, Germany, and France. So it is new and lots of improvements are there to be made in the future.

So we can say that it is a very good move by Facebook to launch Instagram reel. When some countries are thinking about the banning of TikTok and India banned the TikTok already. And it also gives the tough competition to the TikTok in other countries where TikTok is not banned.

How to use Instagram Reels.

Instagram Reels and how to use it

  • For using Instagram reels first you have to go to Play Store or App Store. And download or update the latest version of Instagram in your device.
  • After downloading the latest version. Open Instagram and go to the camera section of Instagram. Where you found the reels option alongside Story mode.
  • In reels mode, you find many features like music, slow-motion or fast-forward, Filters, and timer for your video.
  • After putting the filter and setting the song all you have to do now is made the video and share it with your friends or followers.
  • And if you like to shoot the video in your own original audio you can also do that. But the thing which you have to keep in mind is if you post a reel on your public account. Anyone can create a reel using your original audio. So for that, you have to set your account into private. If you don’t want others to use your original audio.

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