Indian Cloud Service DigiBoxx: Features, How to use Guide

Digiboxx guide

If you use smartphones or PCs then most probably you heard of the cloud storage. And if you just know that this thing exists and doesn’t know what it is. Then don’t worry in simple language it’s just storage like your phone storage or computer HDD. But this doesn’t exist in your PC. This storage is stored in some other servers that you can access with your device. And you can rent some space there to store your files, photos and other Documents.

Big companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft provide this type of cloud storage services for the normal internet user. Who wants to save their file and doesn’t want to run off there storage in PC. And all these big cloud companies are technically US-based company. But now the NITI Ayoge in India launch its own cloud-based services DigiBoxx. And for Indian users, it can be the best alternative to other cloud services.

You can access the Digiboxx by going to there sites or you can directly go to play store or app store. To download the app, it is available in both iOS and Android. So you can use this from any device.

Price Plans of DigiBoxx-

Digiboxx Pricing

If you are a normal user who doesn’t need too much storage and only wants to store some documents and images. Then you can use the free version of Digibox it is completely free and you will get 20GB of free storage to store your data.

And if you are a person who does a lot of works on the PC, and have a lot of large files in your system. Then you can use their paid version.

In the basic version of a paid plan, you get 2Tb of cloud storage at 30Rs/Month which means  360Rs/Year. And in my openion, it is the very cheap price too for 2Tb of storage.

There are some more plan if you run a small or midsize business. That offers you 25TB of storage in this plan with some extra benefit as compare to other plans. But it cost you more though.

Now let’s see how to create an account in Digibox. If you thinking of using it.

How to create a free account in DigiBoxx-

To create a free account in DigiBoxx you need their official app or have to go in their official site. If you are getting problem while making the account with there app. Then go to there official Digiboxx Site. Because most of the user are facing problem while creating the account from the Digiboxx app.

#Step1- Go to digiboxx website. You can use any browser in your smartphone or pc to access their site.

#Step2- In digiboxx site click the Sign-up button and it will lead you to the pricing page. Choose the free user box and click the Join Now button there

#Step3- Now enter your Username. And provide your full detail that is required to create a digiboxx account. If you don’t know Gst no then leave it and enter other details. Then go to the next page by confirming the detail.

#Step4- Now it will show you all the details that you have filled previously. All you have to do next is click the complete registration button.

#Step5- Now you are all set. The next process that you have to do is go to your Gmail app. And then check your mails. Where you get your username and password for login. If you didn’t get any mail from digiboxx then don’t worry wait for some time because now it is usually taken some time to get the mail because of high user registration.

DigiBoxx Price Comparison with other Cloud services-

For your basic information if you want to know what other cloud services are offering as compare to digiboxx. Then you can see the basic price comparison of all other cloud services below.

Apple iCloud– 5GB for Free and after that 75Rs/Month for 100GB of Cloud storage.

Microsoft Onedrive– 5GB for Free and after that 360Rs/Month for 1TB of Cloud storage.

Google Drive– 15GB for Free and after that 130Rs/Month for 100GB of Cloud storage.

DigiBoxx– 20GB for Free and after that 30Rs/Month for 2TB of Cloud storage.

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