How to use the Split Screen feature on Windows 10

split screen feature in windows 10

Having two displays is a big utility but it’s not something that everyone can afford. Still, this does not mean that if we don’t have two displays then multitasking is not for us. Because out, there are many ways, that let you do multitasking on your Windows easily.

And one is Windows 10 split-screen feature. That allows you to split your screen into two three or four-part. And work on different tabs at the same time.

Plus it is also an inbuilt feature so downloading is not required. Though if you want to use its full potential then we recommend you an application that let you split your screen in different ways.

But first, let’s talk about Microsoft own inbuilt split-screen feature.

How to enable Split screen on Windows 10

Before using it first you have to enable a setting on your Windows.

  • Open Windows 10 setting. And go to system.
  • Inside system go to mulittasking.
  • And enable the snap windows.

And what it will do is that whenever you use split-screen, it will automatically snap it to the side of the screen where you want it.

Now let’s see how to use the feature itself.

  • At a same time you can split four screen in your one monitor.
  • And to do that cick the top the tab that you want to use in split screen, and drag it to the any side of monitor. And it will automatically snap it to that corner
  • Then slect the other tab from your recent window to open on the other side.

It is just a two-step and very straightforward process. But if you want to add more than four tabs on your screen and customize the size of the split-screen then one application that comes from Microsft is very effective for this.

Powertoy comes from Microsoft itself, so it is completely safe to use.

Split-screen in Windows 10 with Powertoy –

To use Powertoy fancy zone utility. First, download it from their GitHub page. And when it is downloaded and installed on your system then follow the steps below.

  • Open Powertoy application. And go to fancy zone option.
  • Enable it to use.
  • Also if you want design your own custom layout click the lauch layout editor.
  • And press the create new layout. Where you can create your own layout that you can use.

And to activate it press the shortcut and drag the app to the highlighted zone and your work will be done.

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