How to use the Copy and Paste between Android and Windows

In the PC and laptop market, two companies are dominating the OS race one is Microsoft and one is Apple. Especially Microsoft, it has a huge user base who uses Windows as their OS. And terms of features both are just loaded with them

But the one thing in which Apple macOS is far ahead of Windows is their ecosystem, Where their all devices work together fluently.

But now Microsoft has also decided to catch up with the macOS and decided to do this with their Windows too. By giving the users a chance to copy and paste text between their Android devices and Windows.

So those days are behind when we use some third-party apps to do it or email it to ourselves. Because now with the help of Microsoft Swiftkey you can do it directly. So let’s see how it works.

How to use Microsoft Swiftkey to copying and pasting –

Swiftkey is a Microsft keyboard application that is available on both iOS and Android. And recently Microsft has provided a new feature called Cloud clipboard. To sync the copied text between your mobile device and your Windows.

And to do that first you have to turn on some settings on both the Swiftkey app and on your Windows system. So let’s see how it works.

Settings to turn on for Swiftkey Cloud clipboard feature

On Swiftkey Android App –

  1. Open the Swiftkey application on your mobile devices, or you can find it in your settings.
  2. Inside it find the setting name Rich input, and then clipboard.
  3. Now turn on the Sync clipboard history feature.

And now it’s time to make some changes to your Windows system.

On Windows System –

  1. Go to search bar and search for settings.
  2. Inside settings find the System option.
  3. And inside the system go to the clipboard setting.
  4. Then enable both the clipboard history and Sync across device settings.

Now all the settings are set and let’s see how to use the feature now.

Use copying and pasting between Android and Windows with Swiftkey

  1. Click on the any text that you want to copy and paste into your Windows like numbers mails etc or a piece from the article.
  2. You can also check on the swiftkey keyboard clipboard that the text or number you copied is actually copied or not.
  3. After that in your PC, you can simply click ctrl + v to paste that or you can also check it in your Windows clipboard with win key + v.

So this is all the things related to the Swiftkey cloud clipboard. And to know more you can also check the official documentation from Swiftkey about this feature.

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