How to use Tab-Grouping in Google Chrome, Edge, Brave and Firefox

Browsers are very important for us no matter if you are a student or you work. We use them almost regularly. But isn’t it good if you use them to their full potential. So it can help to increase productivity.

Because today’s browsers are not only limited to searching only. But they also come with different features that help a normal day user to do work easily.

And one feature that I like most and helps me a lot, is tabbing groups. It works like a charm when you have opened a lot of tabs on your browse.

And the good thing is that this feature has come in almost every browser. So let’s see how you can use it in your favourite browser.

Tabs group on Google Chrome

At the start, this tab group feature is only enabled in chrome by going to the flags. But now you can use it directly.

  1. Right click on a tab that you want to add in a group.
  2. And click the add tab to the new group option.
  3. Name the group and selet the colour that you want to highlight it with.
  4. And your group is ready, now if you want to add other tabs in that group, simply drag them to the highlighted color and it will be added in that group.

Tabs group on Brave browser

Just like Chrome, Brave also has this feature by default so you don’t have to enable it by settings.

  1. Just right click the tab that you want to add in a group.
  2. And choose the add tab to new group.
  3. set the name and the highlight color for it and you are all set.
  4. And same as chrome to add a tab into the group simply drag it to the highlighted color of that particular group.

Tabs group on Microsoft Edge

Another browser that is quite popular nowadays is Microsoft Edge. Lately, Microsoft has improved the Edge and now it has many new features to offer. And one of them is grouping the tabs.

  1. Open the Edge and click on the tab that you want to add to group.
  2. Then click the add to new group.
  3. Choose the name for the group, and the highliter color for it, and your group has created.

Tabs group on Mozilla Firefox

Like other browsers unfortunately Firefox didn’t come up with this feature. But there is a way that you can use this feature on your Firefox browser.

  1. Open firefox and go to settings.
  2. Then go to extensions and theme, there search for group tab and download the first result.
  3. After that, it will show the option for the tab group extension in your address bar. And from their you can manage it easily.

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