How to use Lightroom in android

Lightroom in android

Pictures are a very good way to preserve our best memory with our closed ones. And for that, we click a lot of photos now. Because we have to post them everywhere and every time. And for that, we use software to edit our pics so they look more attractive. And that’s where the Adobe Lightroom comes up for modifying our photos and make them more perfect for us.

If we talk about the Lightroom. It is now one of the best applications for photo editing which is available on android. And the best thing about the application is it’s from Adobe. Which software we use on our computers or laptops.

We all have that myth in our mind that for best print editing we have to use our PCs. Because they do the best editing. But it’s not completely right. You can also do a good modifying of photographs on your phones to. And today in this post we are going to tell you some Adobe lightroom use. So you don’t need to open your PC every time you need to customize your shot.

What is Lightroom

Lightroom is a picture editing and camera software. This allows you to capture images from it and let you edit them just like you want for mostly free of cost. It available on both Android and iOS and you can also use it on your PC too. And if you want some extra features in it you can buy the Lightroom premium version. Which provides you cloud backup and some extra features for editing.

How to download and login in it

Download the editor is not a big work. For it, you have to just go to PlayStore and search the Lightroom app and then download it. For that, you need almost 100MB of mobile data.

And after downloading you have to log in to the app from your Facebook account or your Gmail account. The procedure is simple.

Some Key Features of the Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom in android

The Adobe Photo editing software comes up with some very interesting and attractive features. Which helps the user to customize their shots as they wanted

  • Simple and efficient photo editing- The application come up with a simple interface. And you didn’t find any ads in there so it looks quite nice. And there are also many filters to use with different customization options.
  • Inbuild camera app- The app has its inbuilt camera. Which lets you choose the modes of photography like professional or automatic. In professional mode, you got some extra features like choosing the exposures and some other functions too.
  • Photo Sharing Feature- If you enter in photo sharing feature. And add some image of yours in this gallery then your friends can also access these photos of you want them to.
  • Cloud Storage- The adobe has its cloud storage which helps you to store your edited and original images online. So you can access them from anywhere. But for this and Photo sharing feature you have to be purchase a premium version of it.

Lightroom editing tutorial for everyone

Lightroom in android

Lightroom has many features. And which takes a lot of time to learn but what if we don’t have that much time to learn everything in it. And we want to learn only some simple level editing for our social media post.

So for that, you don’t have to read a long post or watch videos on Youtube. The only thing you have to do is open your Adobe Lightroom app in your Android or iOS. And go to learn option where you see some edited photos which show before and after effect.

Just click any edited image from which you want to learn how to do that. And it shows you step by step tutorial. Which is easy to learn. And then later you can apply the same process in your image.





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