How to use Google Drive Usefully

Google drive

Google Drive, the app that can help you in many ways. And most probably if you are using an Android device. Then it was pre-installed in it because it’s a Google made service for the users. But the majority of us don’t even use it like we use other Google apps, or if we use it some time then we don’t know what other things this app can be capable of doing.

So what does this Google drive do and how can it help us. It is cloud storage services that provide you storage in its servers. So you don’t have to worry about formatting your data. Because it is always stored in a cloud server, not in your device storage.

It does many other works too that we are going to tell you below. So read this article fully and at the end of this post, you learn everything about Google drive and how effectively you can use it.

How to create an account in Google Drive?

Create account in Google

Creating an account, in this Google-based service is not that hard. All you need is a Google account and if you don’t have an Account in Google then create one now. And if you are using a new device then whenever you put your Google Account in it. Your Google Drive account will be automatically created. And you got 15GB of free storage to use. Just check the app for it.

And if you use a PC more than your mobile phone. Then search the Drive on a Google search engine and put the Google account in it. By doing this you can access your cloud-stored data on both PC and phone.

What thing you can store in this Google-based cloud Service.

If you use the Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides then all the files you create there automatically stored in the drive. You can also upload any files in it so it can be accessible every time. Your Contacts can also export in the drive so whenever your contact deletes you can easily export them back in the device.

And the best part of the service is if you transfer some files in your drive. Then you can also give other peoples access to that file. And it gives you a feature to set permission so that other peoples can also edit your file.

How to upload files and videos on Google drive?

Upload photos and videos in drive

So this is the main question because it is made for doing this task. But how to do that or how to upload a file and videos in it. And you stunned after knowing that it is a simple task, and it can be done in just in seconds.

If you use Your Phone to upload your files and videos in the drive then do this

  • Open the Google Drive app on your phone and click the Plus button where you have to create a new folder.
  • After creating a folder. Go to my drive enter in your folder that you create and click the plus sign again.
  • Now you see an upload option there. Just click that option and upload whatever files or videos you want to upload in your drive.

The process is the same for uploading the file and videos from your phone and PC. But in PC you can use use the drag and drop method to upload the file which makes the process easier.

How to create a PDF through Google drive?

create PDF through Drive

Making a pdf file is very important now. We all are in our homes and we have to send our work to schools and offices. And for this, we have to create a pdf file to do that. And for doing this we download the app from the play store to do this work, but the thing we don’t do is create a PDF from Google drive. Because it gives you a feature to capture images and make them to PDF files. And for doing this.

  • Open the app on your phone. And click the plus sign in it.
  • Now there you are going to see a scan option. Click that and capture images that you want to use in PDF.
  • After doing this when you capture all images of files. click the right tick button. Now change the name of your PDF file, and then save it.

So these are all the things that you can do with Google drive. If you use the drive service hopefully you know now how to do things in it. And if you have some more questions related to it. Ask it in the comment section so we can help you with that.

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