How to use Google Docs in Windows : Share Docs in one click

Google Docs Use

Now in a pandemic, most of the students are taking their classes online. And when you learn or taking classes via the online platform. Then you know that your work can be easier if you also have a note-taking app in your pc.  And there are many seriously. And I’m pretty sure that you heard of the name of Microsoft word. It is software to take notes, and it helps in many other fields too. But it is a little bit complex with not too easy UI for a first-timer.

But if you are a student then I think Google docs can be the best app for you. It is pretty much like Microsoft words. But it comes up with some extra features that can really help you as a student, and a simple UI. If you are a content created who writes scripts for your content then you can use it. Or if you are a normal student who wants to take notes only. And need to access them regularly in your different devices then you can use Google Docs.

The Docs is connected with your Google drive so anything you write will be automatically saved in Google drive. And you can access them from any device. The application is free in android or iOS. But in Microsoft store, you have to buy it.

But in this post, I,m going to tell you how to use google docs in windows without downloading it. And also going to tell you how you can share these docs with your friends in just one click.

How to use Google Docs in Windows-


For using google docs and other google apps like Google sheets or Slide. All you need is Google chrome in your Pc. This is basically your first step.

  • Download Google Chrome in your PC. Just by going to there site.
  • After the app is downloaded install it in your windows. And open it.
  • Now on the home screen, you are going to see some options. Like in right side Gmail, images and six dots option.
  • Click the six dot option and it contains all Google apps. Slide down a little and click the Google docs icon.
  • Now login in with your Gmail account. And you are all set to use it in your PC.
  • Inside Google docs, you are going to see different templates that you can use. But if you need a blank page to write something you can choose a Blank page. And when you get out of that page. It automatically saves it. You don’t have to save things manually.


How to send Docs to your friends in one click-



Sending files from Google docs is one of the simplest things that you can do. For this, all you need is the email id of that person who you want to send the file. And then go to the document that you want to send. Then click the share button in the top of the google docs. Add the email of the person you want to add. Set the role of that person and then click send.

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