How to use emoji in Windows 10 and 11 PC’s

Using emojis on Windows has always been hard for most people. And why that’s because no one knows where to look for it. Like in an android keyboard gets a dedicated key to use them, but this is not a case in pcs.

But not now, because there is a simple method. That can help all of you who like to communicate with emojis to use them in your chats and texts.

And don’t think that you can only use them on social media platforms because it works everywhere like chrome and edge too.

So let’s see how it works.

How to use emotes on Windows PC –

Like I said earlier you can use emotes in Windows by just pressing some shortcut keys that activate it. And it is a feature of Windows so it works on every PC that is running Windows OS.

Step1 – Open any social media platform or any application where you can write some text. For this article, I am using Chrome.

Step2 – Now click the typing area where you usually write your text and press (Windows key + (.)) and it will activate the emote tab in front of you.

Step3 – Select anyone you like and click on it. And it will appear in your typing area.

If you are a Windows 11 user then don’t worry because this shortcut will also work on it. So go and use your favourite emotes from your pc.

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