How to use Chrome and Windows 10 Color Picker feature

activate color picker

Chrome has been used by millions of people, and not just for searching but as a great developer tool too. And the question not arise is why Chrome and the simple answer is because of its rich Chrome dev tool. That lets developers customize the code directly from Chrome.

And In this article, I am not specifically going to tell you how you can use every chrome dev tool feature. But this article focuses on the one important feature of it that can be very helpful in many ways.

And that is a color picker tool. If you are a developer then you know how colours play important role in the website. And as a developer, we see many websites that use beautiful color pallets. And to know what color is that, a picker is a great tool.

How to use Chrome color picker feature –

You can identify the hex color from any section of the website with the help of the chrome dev tool. And to do that you have to use your chrome. So let’s see how it’s done.

Step1 – To open the chrome dev tool click the ctrl + shift + I on your keyboard or you can simply click the right mouse button and then go to inspect.

Step2 – After that, click the Select an element tool by simply clicking on it. You will find it in the top left corner.

Step3 – Now choose the element from which you want to identify the color property. In my case, I am going to click on the header section.

Step4 – And finally all the CSS properties of that section will appear in the style section. And from there find the color property, and copy the color code.

How to use Windows 10 Color picker tool –

To use the Windows 10 color picker tool first you have to download an application named Microsoft Power toy. And install it, in your system.

Step1 – Open the Power toy application on your system.

Step2 – Next go to the color picker setting.

Step3 – After that enable that if that isn’t enabled, also you can make your custom keyboard shortcut to activate it.

Step4 – Now after doing all of that settings, go to the website from which you want to find the color code. And click the shortcut key to activate it. And then a color picker window will pop out on the screen. Copy the code and paste your site.

So these are the methods that you can use to identify the color from any website. And if you still facing some problems regarding these methods, then comment below. So we can try to solve it.

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