How to transfer Old PUBG account to New BGMI

Battleground Mobile India data transfer

Very soon the battleground Mobile India is going to be released for Indian users. And everyone knows how much they waited for this moment. But the excitement has been increased more since the Youtube content creators got early access to the game.

And I know there have been many questions in your mind regarding the BGMI. Like how the new royal pass looks are there new features added to the game or not. And the most important how the login process will work in Battleground Mobile India. Because, before the BGMI every player has their account login to the PUBG mobile. And all the game data are on that accounts.

So the one question that matters most is how are you going to transfer your old PUBG account to the new Battleground Mobile India. And what you have to do for doing this process. So let’s see how the process actually works.

Transfer old PUBG Mobile account to new BGMI –

So for transferring the account first you have to log in to your account from Battleground Mobile India.

After that, you have to set your name and avatar. Just like you did it before in the PUBG Mobile.

And then you got the notification for the account data transfer. And as soon as you click on the yes you get two options Facebook and Twitter. So if your old PUBG account was linked from any two of them, then you can easily access your old PUBG account.

But one thing, that was noticeable while transferring data, that there is no option for Google Play games. And many users have linked their PUBG account with their Play Games. But in BGMI there was no option of Play Games while migrating the account. And this is because of the early access to the game. The game is still in early access and as soon the game released for everyone on the Play Store the Play Games option will also be added to it.

So if you have early access to the game. Then it is better to wait for the original release of the game before migrating the account. Because in the original release you got all the options related to the transfer of account.

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