How to stop Google Photos from backing up pictures and screenshots

Google photos settings

For android users, google services are very important. And every Android device comes up with plenty of google services to use. Like Gmail, Youtube, Chrome and Google photo All the services are very essential and very useful. But from the past few months Googles own service Google photos are in very highlight.

And everyone is talking about it. But the reason behind is not pleasant for its users. From June 1 Google ends the unlimited free store for Google photos. And that means from now on you are not going to get unlimited storage to save your photos on Google photos. The application saves the photos in the cloud storage so, you can access them easily from any devices. And it is a huge advantage of Google photos.

And now you can save only a limited number of photos in it. And for that, you have an option to disable auto-update photos in Google photos. By doing this you have the choice to save only important photos in it. And by doing this your Google photos storage will also not get full. So let’s see how you can disable your auto-update photos in Google photos.

How to stop auto update photos in Google Photos

To do this process first I recommend you to update your application to its new version. And you can do that from the play store.

  • After updating your Photo application. Open the app and click on the name icon that is available in the top right corner.

  • In that option go to the Backup complete option.

  • Inside Backup complete click the three-dot setting option and go to Backup setting.

  • And at last in the backup settings turn off the Backup and sync option.

In there you can also change another setting like photos uploading quality and another different important setting that can be useful.

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