How to send WhatsApp message without saving a number

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Whatsapp has been a great social media platform for billions of users. Who uses the platform each day for many hours. Whatsapp is basically an instant messaging application that allows users to send text messages to each other. And in some previous years, the company also added some more features like voice calling and video calling.

And these new features make the platform more and more popular among the users. In terms of working the Whatsapp works slightly different from other social media platforms. You just can’t send anyone a message on the platform or request someone. To contact an individual in WhatsApp you need the phone number of that individual saved in your phone. And if another person also used the platform then you can send a message to them.

So to connect with someone on WhatsApp you need a contact number. Or a saved contact number. But what if you want to send someone a message without saving a number in your contact. Because sometimes you want to send a message to a person instantly and saving contact can take some time. So all I want to tell you that you can also do that if you want to send someone a text in some seconds.

How to send WhatsApp messages without saving a number –

To send a message to an unsaved contact follow the steps below. And you can use this on both mobile devices and PC. But note that your Whatsapp desktop is open in the background while using it.

  • Open the Chrome browser or any browser that you use on your device.
  • And search for number). Note don’t use brackets while entering the phone number.
  • And when you search it. It will open a page on which you have to click to continue to chat.
  • Now, this directly leads you to WhatsApp in which you can send the message to that person without saving it in that individual contact.

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