How to send live location on Whatsapp using Android device

How to send location on Whatsapp

For the past few years, Whatsapp has been. One of the most used messaging social media platforms for millions of users. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices. And that’s why anyone from any platform can send each others text messages and images.

The platform is also widely known for its simple UI and clean interface. Because it doesn’t come up with any ads. There are many things that go in Whatsapp favour, and different features are one of them. Which in first instance looks very simple, but in terms of use, they are very powerful. And that makes the overall user experience much better while using the app.

Features like an end to end encryption, voice messages and sending different types of media in WhatsApp is quite popular.

But one feature that I think, is very powerful and very useful for many peoples is location sharing. Yes, Whatsapp can be used to share your location with anyone in your contact. With the help of this feature, you can send your live location to anyone from your contact.

And doing this is very simple on the platform. So if you also want to know, how you can also send your live location on WhatsApp then follow the steps below.

How to share live location on Whatsapp –

  • Open up Whatsapp on your Android device.
  • Tab on the person chats to whom you want to send live location.
  • Click the plus sign that is available next to the camera icon in chats.
  • Now tab on location.
  • Give all the permission that it asks.
  • Then click send your current location option. And that’s it your current location is sent to that person.
  • Or you can send your live location too. And set the time duration on it.

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