How to remove an object from photo with photoshop

photoshop content aware tool

In a time when every day million of content are publishing on the internet. And photo editing is very essential for every content creator or social media users. The uses of photoshop are becoming very normal. And why not the application provides tons of features to edit your photos the way you like.

Every year by year Adobe, the creator company of Photoshop added more and more features into the application. And now, if you are a skilled photoshop editor then you can do some very professional level editing. From creating posters to making thumbnails for different platforms.

But the one feature that I like most in photoshop is that you can remove any objects from the photos without affecting the whole photo. And it is very useful if you want to remove some object from the background of your picture that is messing up with your whole photo. And with photoshop you can do that in just some minutes. So let’s see how you can do that and how it works.

Remove object from a photo with photoshop –

Step1 – Open the image in photoshop that you want to edit. You can open image in photoshop by simply going to files and open.

Step2 – After opening the image press the right click on the lasso tool and select the normal lasso tool. Or you can just press L on your keyboard to activate the lasso tool.

Step3 – After selecting the tool make a circle around the object that you want to remove from your object.

Step4 – And when you are done with the circle thing go to the Edit option and click the Fill. Or you can just click the shift + f5.

Step5 – Now in the contents section select the Content-aware. And press the Ok button, as soon as you press the ok button the object that you selected will disappear from your image and your work will be done.

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