How to remove an Instagram account if you have Multiple


Instagram a digital home for almost 1 billion peoples. A few years back, when Facebook bought Instagram, no one thought that. One day it would surpass Facebook in terms of popularity. And now like everyone is using it. The popularity of Instagram is soo much at this time, that majority of the brands are using the platform for their advertisement.

And likewise, when a platform has almost one billion, active users. Then big brands also attract to it. But Facebook also gives some terrific efforts to make the platform better and better every day. So it can attract more and more audience.

From time to time Instagram also introduces new features to their platform. And this gives a huge opportunity to the content creator. And if you are content created, you know that you can need more than one account sometimes on Instagram. And to manage these different accounts the platform also has many features too.

But what if you want to remove some of your current accounts from Instagram. Then this thing can also be done very easily. So let’s see how to remove an account from Instagram easily.

How to remove an Instagram account –

If you are a person who has multiple accounts on Instagram. And want to see all your account then go to Insta settings and scroll down a bit. There you are going to see the option of Add or switch account. This will give you the list of all accounts that you have logged in from. And if you want to remove a particular account then follow the steps.

  1. Open the Instagram application and go to the settings.
  2. Inside the settings scroll down a little bit.
  3. And two options will be useful for your solution. The first one is to switch accounts. And the second one is Log out all accounts.
  4. If you want to log out all your accounts at once then click the Log out all accounts option. And if you want a particular account to be log out for that, go to that account by switching the profile and in settings Log out that particular account.
  5. And after that, it will not be showing in your logged-in account section.

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