How to move Windows taskbar on any side of the screen

rotate taskbar in windows 10

Millions of pc users use Windows as their operating system. And the good thing about it is the ways you can customize your PC with windows. And change almost everything that you want and how you want.

But in the customization, the one thing that majority of the windows user like to change according to them is the Windows taskbar. Because taskbar is an area that we use much time while using our computer.

And the good thing is Microsoft let you to customize it easily. In the taskbar, you can do many things to customize it but in this post, we particularly talk about changing the position of the taskbar.

Because by default your taskbar position is set to the bottom of the screen. But you can change it to top or right and left. So let’s see how it’s done.

How to move taskbar on Windows 10 –

  1. To move the taskbar first open your PC. And right click on the taskbar.

  2. Now select the taskbar setting option and it will lead you to a new page.

  3. There you will see all the settings related to your takbar, but you have to find a one specific setting name called taskabar location on screen.
  4. And in it choose the postion that you want your taskbar to disaplay.

How to reset the taskbar position on windows 10 –

If somehow you accidentally rotate your taskbar position or someone did on your PC. And you don’t know how to change it back. Then follow the above steps and change the position to the bottom. And it will be easily back in its default position.

How to move taskbar with the keyboard shortcuts –

Most of the users try very hard to find a shortcut key to rotate their taskbar on the screen. But they don’t find anything on the internet. That’s because Microsoft doesn’t provide any keyboard shortcut key to change the position of the taskbar in Windows 10.

So if you want to change it then you have to do it by going to the settings only.

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