How to install Fortnite on mobile instantly

Fortnite has been one of the most played battle royale game in the history of battle royales. Millions of users play the game daily. And if you are a guy who plays games or who follows games then I am pretty sure you heard the name Fortnite anywhere. It can be on youtube or in some other place. But most of the peoples knows what actually Fortnite is.When the game first release it is only available for pcs just like PUBG. But after some time the game released for mobile devices. But the thing is it’s not that good on many devices.

And also the downloading process of the game is not as simple as its competitor PUBG. You can’t just go to the play store and download the game directly. So to play Fortnite on your mobile device the first thing you need is an epic game account then you will be able to download the game on your android device.

So lets first see how you can create an epic game account on your own.

Steps to create epic games account –

For creating an epic account there are two ways. In both ways, the steps are the same. So it’s on to you which way you prefer. The first way is to create an account from epic games official website and the second one is while downloading Fortnite. But for now, we are using the second method and creating an account while downloading the game. So you can also see how to run the game too.

  • Go to your browser and search for the epic games Fortnite.
  • Click their official website and then press the android button. Now download the epic games app from there.
  •  After downloading the application install it on your device and inside the app download the Fortnite game.
  • When your Fortnite game will complete download install it too on your device.
  •  Now open the game and the main process is started from here. You are going to see two option press the create a new account.
  •  And then choose signup with Google, everyone has a Gmail account so it is easy to create an epic games account from your Gmail.
  • Now select your Gmail account and then it sends confirmation in your mail and your epic games account is now successfully created.
  •  Now all you have to do is press the install button and download the game. Fortnite comes up in almost 7.9 GB in size so you need a lot of data for it. After the downloading complete you will be able to play the game easily.


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