How to install and remove Chrome Extensions in one click

Install and remove chrome extensions

Today there are many options available in the browsers section. It’s not early 2000 where a majority of the users uses the Microsft internet explorer. But now the things have changed and we all agreed that from the past few years Google browser Chrome has dominated the market single-handedly.

Many things go in the favour of chrome but it’s not the time and topic for that discussion. But the main topic that we are here to discuss is the most specific part of the chrome and that is its “extensions”.

Extensions are the best way to make your browser more superior and compatible according to yourself. Different extensions let you customize your browser in different ways. And if you select the right extension for you, then I granted that it may change your whole experience on how you use your browser.

So let’s see all the things related to the Chrome extensions one by one. And this article covers all the things that you think can be useful.

How to install Chrome Extensions –

Installing extensions on chrome is very simple, all you have to do is search Chrome extension on your browser. And you can be easily able to download them in your chrome.

  • Open chrome and search for Chrome web store. It just looks like a Google Play Store.
  • Then choose an extension or a theme that you want to install in your chrome. Or you can also search for them.
  • Then click the add to chrome button. And a pop up will be shown to you click the add extension and you have successfully download the extension in your chrome.

How to manage Chrome Extensions –

  • To manage all your chrome extension you have to open the settings menu on the chrome.
  • And then click on the extensions option. Now all your downloaded extensions will be there, and you can manage all of them from one place.

How to remove a Chrome Extension permanently –

  • To remove an extensions from your chrome permanently, you have to go inside the chrome settings.
  • And then go to the extensions, There all your download extensions are present.
  • Choose the one that you want to remove, and simply click the remove button. And your extension will be removed from your browser. And if you don’t want to permanently remove an extension, and just want to simply turn off that for some time then you can also do that, by switching off the slider button.

How to see Chrome Extensions on the toolbar menu –

If you have many extensions and want to see them or use them in just one click. Then you have to pin them on the Chrome toolbar menu.

And the good thing is it’s just one click away from you to pin any extension of your in the toolbar. All you have to do is click the puzzle shaped icon, that is available on the top right corner of the chrome. And it will show you, your all downloaded extension. Click the pin icon of that extension that you want to see on the toolbar menu. And that’s it you just did it in just two or three steps.

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