How to go Anonymous on reddit App


Reddit a name that most of you heard of and the majority of you are using. But the thing is still many peoples don’t know, what is it and how actually to use Reddit. Because many peoples find it difficult to use because, if you use it the first time then it is a little tricky about what to do in it.

But the thing is whether you use it or not Reddit is very famous. And whys that because of the endless content that is available in it. Basically, you can find anything on Reddit. And that what peoples do in it, talk about different topics and everything they want to talk about. And that what Reddit actually is. A social news website that is like a forum.

But today we are not here to talk about what Reddit is and how it works. The thing I am going to tell you is about the new feature of Reddit. The Anonymus browsing feature. Yeah just like in browsers you can use anonymous mode in Reddit too.

How to enable Anonymous mode in Reddit App –

To use Anounumus mode in Redit app. First, you have to download the latest update of the app from the Play store.

  • Open Reddit and click your profile section
  • Then click In your username.
  • And select the Anonymous Browsing. And you are all set.

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