How to edit pdf files in Windows – Full guide to edit pdf

Pdf a very important thing for a student now and every man who works behind the desk. If you are a student then you know the importance of it. Especially in this pandemic period when every school or college is closed and the classes are held online.That’s why most of you have to send the pdf all of the time. And sometimes you get a pdf that you want to edit or want to change completely. But if you use some pdf opener in windows then most of them doesn’t provide you with a feature to edit someones pdf. But this doesn’t mean you can’t do this and it is impossible to edit someones pdf.

You can do that and you can do that in some simple ways. That doesn’t require any installation of some other software on your PC. All the application that we going to use in this process to edit a pdf is available in one place.

And the only thing you need for that is a Google Chrome browser. Now you are thinking about what is the relation between google chrome and edit pdf. Be patient and see how to edit a pdf with the help of Google Chrome.

Edit a PDF with Google docs –

Most of you have heard the name of Google docs and some of you may use it sometime. And for those who don’t know what it is then all you need to know is it is software from Google which allows you to write down your notes or assignment and save it online for you. So you can access it anytime. You can also create your resume or letter in it that also comes up with some pre-made template.

But many peoples don’t know that in Google docs let you edit your pdf and save the edited version. So to do that first you have to open the Google docs from your google chrome because if you want to download it on your pc then for that you have to purchase it from the Microsoft store.

  • Open Chrome and search Google Docs and then log in with your Gmail account.
  • Now click the hamburger menu on the side.
  • Then press the google drive icon.
  • Now open the pdf that you want to edit form Google drive.
  • And then open it with Google Docs.
  • Now edit the pdf as you want and when you have done.
  • Press the file button and go to the download option and click the PDF.
  • And it downloads your edited pdf in your system that you can use it.

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