How to Delete WhatsApp Backup Chats Permanently

Delete whatsapp backup chats
Whatsapp is the most common social media platform that has been used around the world. Especially countries like India, Brazile, and the Philippines where WhatsApp is used by the majority of social media users. In 2014 Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 Billion that is a huge price at that time. And after that, the platform kept moving forward. But whats makes it that famous among the user for the first time. And why the majority of the users feel safe using WhatsApp as compared to other available platforms.There are many reasons that make WhatsApp quite useful and safe. And the main reason is its end to end encryption services for messages and calls. That makes it quite impossible for a third party to intercept your messages. And the second useful thing in WhatsApp that you can backup your chats easily so if you accidentally delete your messages sometimes then there is always chances to get them back.

And for this WhatsApp use Google Drive and iCloud for it. Because both of them are added default in Android or iOS devices. But what if you want to delete some chats from your backup, you just want them to clear from your backup and phone. Is it possible or not? And the answer is it’s a possible and very simple process.

You can delete your WhatsApp chat permanently from WhatsApp easily. No matter that you use an iOS device or Android it works on both. So let’s see how it’s done.

Delete Whatsapp Chat Backup from Android Phone

There are two methods that you have to do for deleting chats permanently.


#Step1- Open your Local file manager. And then go to the Whatsapp folder.

#Step2- Inside Whatsapp Folder, go to Database and select the backup file you want to delete according to time. If you want to delete all backups then select all files and delete them.


#Step1- In the second Method go to your Google drive. In all Android devices, it’s pre-installed.

#Step2- Now click on the three-line option in the top left. And go to the Backups option.

#Step3- Inside Backups your WhatsApp backup chats file is available. Click on it and then press the Delete backup button.

Delete Whatsapp Chat Backup from iOS devices-

#Step1-  Go to the setting option in your device, and click the Apple id option.

#Step2- Now go to your iCloud option. And click the manage Storage.

#Step3- In manage storage go to the Whatsapp messenger option. And click the Delete data option.

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