How to delete all Google history

Google is one of the most used search engines in the world. With almost 70% of shares in the market, Google is dominating the search engine. And you can search for anything you want in only one click in it. And the variety of search results are also huge and better on google as compared to others.

But the thing about search engines and the browsers you use are they save your history in their database. About what you search and in what time you search. And if you want to delete your history in any browser it is a simple procedure all you have to do is go to the setting of that browser. And go the history option where you can clear all your data in one click.

But the data is not the only store in your browser if you use google browsers like Google Chrome or Google Go and other google services like youtube and Google maps. They also store your data for your convenience. But the good thing about Google is they are transparent about your data. In Google, you can see all your collected data and you can also delete them. So if you are a user who is worried about his privacy you can check your all data easily. And if you want you also remove them like chrome search history, youtube history, or any other google apps data.

For this, all you have to do is open the Google search engine and search My Activity in it. And then you can check all your data and search history.

Check all your Google data

My Google activity website allows you to see all your data that are collected by google from there different apps and services. You can track your all search history which you searched on google and youtube. And if you want to erase it you can also do that by simply clicking of delete option. My google activity also gives you an option of pause search history and after you enable that option all your history will be paused and anything you searched onward will be not recorded in My Activities. But for seeing your data you have to first login in My activities from your Gmail account which you use on youtube and Google.

Delete your Google history

If you want to delete your google history fully just follow the following steps-

  • Go to the website My google activities and login there from your Gmail account.
  • After login, you see the four to five options on the left side of your screen. In those options, click delete activity by option there.
  • When you click the delete activity by the option you see a different page then. In which it ask the time of your history you want to delete. If you want to delete your all data just simply click the always option and then choose the services from which you want to delete the data.
  • After selecting, the services just simply click the next button and work will be done.


Pause your Web, Youtube and Location history

Sometimes we don’t want to delete our history. But we want to use Google services without collecting our data for sometimes and for that google also gives you an option. In which you can pause your activities. For that, all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  • For pausing your web activities all you have to do is go to the Activities control option which is present in the sidebar.
  • Where you see the option of web and app activity, Location history, and youtube history blocks.
  • All you have to do now is enable the activities which you want to pause. eg- If you slide the button in front of location history then afterward it will pause your location history.
  • Some checkbox options are available there. You can click on those checkboxes if you want or not.

Use of Other Google activity option

If you see all options which are available in Google my activities you find an option name Other Google Activities. This is very useful and gives you a brief about all the google services which store the data like  Youtube feedbacks, Youtube surveys, Your comments and likes/dislikes on youtube. The good thing is you can also manage them and delete them if you want. And if you want to manage them we are telling you some services in which you can see your activities.

  • The first option in Other activities is Google Ad settings in which you choose ad personalization either ON or OFF. If you choose OFF then all the google adds which you saw after that are not based on your activities.
  • The second useful option in Other activities is Comment and Like/Dislike on Youtube. In which you can see all your comments and like/dislike activities there. You can also delete them if you want.
  • The other option is Voice and Face Match enrolment. This option is for those users who use Google assistant in there device. This option shows you your training voice model which you used to train your Google assistant. And you can also delete these models.
  • And one of the most useful options is to Download your data in My Activity. This option helps you to download your data which are present in My Activity in just one click.

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