How to deactivate Twitter account instantly

deactivate twitter

Twitter has been a great source for billions of users to put their thoughts in front of the world. And if you see in Twitter then the engagement of celebs and different companies are very high as compare to other social media platform. You can get every news and announcement on Twitter now. Because most of the tech companies now used there Twitter handle for the announcement.

But we all can’t deny that Twitter can also be addictive like other social media. And most of us used hours in it. And that is not good. But the good thing is that you can take the break form it any time. It doesn’t matter if its a long break or for a short time, but you can take it.

And that where the Twitter deactivate option comes in play. That allows you to take a break from it if you want. And it disables your id for that time. And if you want to do that and deactivate Twitter for some time then for that process I can help you to do that and tell you how to do it on Twitter.

Deactivate Twitter account –

For deactivating the account you have to follow some steps. And you can do that in any platform that you use as an app or in the browser. Options are the same in both of them.

  • Open Twitter in your device.
  • Click the hamburger menu or you can say that three-line button.
  • Now click the setting and privacy option.
  • Inside setting and privacy option go to account setting.
  • Now inside account scroll down a little bit and click the deactivate your account.
  • Now press the deactivate button and enter your password and then continue.
  • And your Twitter account is now successfully deactivated.

Now if you want to access your Twitter account after some weeks. Then it is better to do that within a month. Because after one month your Twitter account will be deactivated permanently.

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