How to create group of tabs in Google chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome a browser that has been a choice of millions of users across the internet. Who use it daily to surf the internet. And it’s not that some other browser user can deny the popularity of Chrome. If you look at the data of the browser used by internet users. Google chrome comes on the number one spot on both Mobile and PCs.

And the thing that makes Google chrome stand out from others is. First, it’s extensions and seconds it’s some feature. Now, these two things are also available on the other browsers too but chrome takes benefits from the name Google. Who created the browser in the first place.

But the one particular feature that I think very useful is creating a group of tabs in Chrome. If you use chrome for research or you are some type of programmer who opens dozen of tabs together. Then you know how frustrating it is to find some particular tab after some time. Because it is soo confusing to figure out tabs later.

But this feature let you create a group of particular tabs. That you can organize. And that opens the tab that you want from a particular group without any problem.  So if you also want to know how you can enable this feature in your browser then follow the steps below.

Organize tabs in Google Chrome –

  • Open Chrome and search chrome://flags.
  • Inside the flag, page search the tab group and enable it.
  • Next click right-clicks on any tabs and clicks add the tab to the new group.
  • Name the group and select the group colour.
  • And if you want to add some tabs in the existing group slide the tab to the group section and it will and in it.

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