How To Change Or Add E-mail Id In Amazon

Amazon Add Email

In the world of internet where everything is just one click away.  We all use e-commerce sites to buy our necessary items or anything we like. And in some ways, it is good too. You get everything you want without going anywhere out. And you can also compare the prices of the product in different e-commerce sites.

Especially in this pandemic when it is impossible to get out of the house millions of users use the eCommerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. To buy there basic product and anything they need. If you live in an urban area then it is most probable that you get the delivery of the product in one or two days. And if you live in some ruler area then you will get your item in 4 to 5 days.

But if you choose some product that can be delivered digitally in some hours through your email like some antivirus or other things. Then for that, you need to set up your email id in the Amazon. Most of us set our addressed and mobile number detail in the amazon account but didn’t add an email id. And it is important if you want to purchase some item that can be delivered digitally. And for that, you need your email in Amazon

So if you now want to add up your email address in your Amazon, And don’t know where you can add it or change it then follow the steps that are given below. And if you follow these steps then you will be able to change or add the email in a few steps.

Steps to add Email in your Amazon account-

You can use your mobile device or your PC. So it doesn’t matter in which device you use amazon. The steps are going to be same on both.

Step 1

Step 2

  • Open your Amazon app or website, and go in Your Account setting.
  •  Now click the Login and Security option.
  • And there you are going to see all your details like mobile number and email address.
  • So if you are not able to click any of these check your messaging app. Or check any notification from amazon. That lets you approve, that it’s you who are trying to login.
  • And after confirming your identity you can change your any detail you want. And if you haven’t set the email then click the edit button in front of Email and put your Email there.

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