How to cancel netflix and amazon prime subscription

Amazon Prime and Netflix are the most famous OTT platform in India. Both of the companies have a huge user base. And both provide the best content which includes tv shows and movies. And in return, you have to buy a subscription for that.

If we talk about the subscription plans of both of the companies then it’s very different. Netflix base plan is started with 199Rs for mobile users and Amazon Prime Base plan start with 129Rs that you can use in both laptops and mobile devices. And if we compare both of the OTT platforms then Netflix is quite expensive as compared to Amazon Prime.

But the common thing in both of the platform is. If you buy their subscription and use Netflix and Amazon Prime for one month. Then from next month, they deduct the payment from your account automatically. And auto-renew your Netflix or amazon prime account. So if you are a user who once buys a Netflix or amazon prime account. And now want a break from them then for this you have to cancel the subscription manually. So let’s see how to do that in both of the platforms.

-How to cancel Netflix Subscription-

So now you know when to cancel the subscription. Now at this point, I am going to tell you how to cancel that subscription is some simple steps.

  • Open the Netflix account. And click on the more option that is in the last row of your Netflix page.
  • In the more option, you see another option which is Account. Click on the Account option and choose the browser to complete the task.
  • And in the account page now you see all the options related to your Netflix accounts like change password, change email id etc. And between all these options you see a big box in which a text is written as Cancel membership. All you have to do is click that option.
  • After clicking the cancel membership it asks your permission for the finish cancellation. And then, it asks the feedback that why are you cancelling it. And after doing all this click the done button.
  • And it’s done now your subscription is cancelled now.

-How to cancel Amazon Prime subscription-

  • For Amazon prime cancellation first, you have to do is open Amazon app. Note you have to open Amazon app not Amazon prime app
  • After opening the amazon app click on the three-line option. Which is available on the left side of the amazon interface.
  • In there you see your order option click that option and inside it you see an option Manage prime membership just simply click on that.
  • And in there you find an End Membership option just click on that option. And then it asks you confirmation about cancelling the membership. All you have to do is confirm it until the last page came.
  • And when you successfully cancelled the membership you have seen a notification in amazon app. Related to the confirmation.

Hope you find this information useful. And if you face any problem related to it just simply contact us about that.

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