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Since the usage of the internet has increased in India. Now everybody is shifting towards the online music player. Around ten years ago when the prices of the internet are very high in India. Everyone downloads their music in their device and then listen. But now only in a few second, you can access millions of songs. Without downloading them.

And due to this huge popularity of online song streaming. In India, many platforms provide these services to users. But there is one company that has a huge user base around the world and when it enters in India it attracts millions of song streaming users to it. And it is Spotify.

The app became very popular in only a few time in India and now it has around $320 Millions users in India alone. The app is available in almost every platform like Android, iOS, Mac and Windows and all your data are also sync around these platforms.

Currently, Spotify has 2 plans globally one is their free plan. That is absolutely free to use. And one is their premium membership. That has its different tiers at different cost. So anyone can choose their plans according to there needs.

And that’s exactly I am going to show you today. If you are thinking of buying a Spotify paid subscription and confused about its plans. And how to buy this premium subscription of Spotify. But first, let’s see some benefits of buying Spotify premium.

Benefits of buying Spotify premium –


If you use a Spotify on daily basis and using their free version. Then after some minute, an add will be heard between your songs. And if you don’t want to hear those adds anymore then its time for you to try Spotify premium. Because it is the first benefit of buying Spotify premium.

  • In the Spotify premium, there will be no adds. And you can hear or skip many songs as you like without hearing those annoying adds between your music playlist.
  • The second advantage of buying Spotify premium is that you can be able to hear your music offline too. And that is a great thing to download some of your favourite songs so you can hear them anytime without your internet connection. Though the limit of downloading songs is varied on different plans.
  • The third benefits of buying Spotify premium is that you can hear your music in better sound quality.

And if you want to know deep about Soifty premium benefits then you can go to the there official website and see the comparison of Spotify free vs Spotify premium.

Current Plans for Spotify premium –


Currently, Spotify gives you a four premium plans choice and one mini-plan to choose. The first premium individual, second is premium for family, the third one is premium for the duo and the last one is premium for students.

Premium Mini –

Premium mini is the cheapest plan of the Spotify that gives you access to Spotify premium for 1 day or for a one week at the cost of 7/day and ₹25/week. So if you want to try premium and see if it gives you a good value then you can try this one day or a one week plan. Without wasting too much money. Or if you are travelling and want to hear music all day without any ads then, in this case, this plan also going to be working great.

Spotify Premium Individual –

Like its name, this plan is for a single user who just wants a premium subscription for itself. And don’t want to share with anyone. If you are a user who buying premium first time then you also get a one month of a free trial in premium individual. And after that, you have to pay ₹119/month to use this plan. And you can also buy this plan for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months for paying one time.

  • 3 – Month  – ₹389
  • 6 – Month  – ₹719
  • 12 Month  – ₹1189

Spotify Premium duo –

The Spotify premium duo plan is for those who live together. This plan gives you 2 premium accounts. And up to 10,000 songs to download in your device which is pretty good. And you can also use the one account for up to 5 devices.

The basic 1-month plan for the premium duo is ₹149/month.

  • 3 – Month  – ₹499
  • 6 – Month  – ₹899
  • 12 Month  – ₹1799.

Spotify Premium family –

The premium family is one of the most costly Spotify premium plans. But it is also come up with many benefits like 6 premium accounts. Ad-free music to listen, able to download 10,000 songs in your device. And same like premium duo you can use one account on 5 devices.

The monthly plan for the premium family is ₹179/Month.

  • 3 – Month  – ₹595
  • 6 – Month  – ₹1075
  • 12 Month  – ₹2149

Spotify Premium student –

Majority of the Spotify plans are little expansive to buy. And if you are a student then you have to think twice to buy these plans. But there is one plan from Spotify premium that gives you access of premium account without paying too much money. So if you are a student then this plan will be absolutely perfect for you.

But to use premium student plan first you have to confirm your identity. And then you will be able to use this plan.

And another good thing is that it has all the premium features in it, that is available in other different premium versions. Like 10,000 song download, ad-free music.

How to buy Spotify premium –

Buying a Spotify premium account is very simple. And the method is almost the same for every platform. So you can buy their subscription by going to there site or you can do it with your Spotify app.

  • To buy Spotify premium first open your app and go to the premium section.
  • Inside premium, section chooses a plan according to your need.
  • After choosing the plan, go inside of that plan that you select.
  • Now if that plan support 1 month of the free trial, then for that you need a debit card or a credit card. Enter the detail of your card. And you get a free one month trial. And after a one month, Spotify automatically deducts the amount from your account.
  • If you are going to buy a 3 month or a one year plan. Then you can also use Paytm or UPI to buy the premium subscription.

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