How to add, view and share Calander in Outlook

calendar in outlook

Microsoft is highly known for their windows and pc software. That’s why almost 75% of PC users use Windows as their operating system. And not only windows but Microsoft also highly famous for their software like Microsoft word, excel, and one-note.

But one of their application, that I think is very underrated. And at the same time very useful is Microsft Outlook.

And if you are new to this application then in summary. It is a free web-based email service like googles Gmail. But comes with some unique features that are very useful in daily work.

And one of them is you can add a calendar to your outlook application and do many things with it. And once you used it, then you know how useful it is actually

How to access Microsoft Outlook Calander on Android –

When you download the application on your device then you will notice that the calendar section available on your screen on the right side.

And by clicking it you can access it. But If you want to access more settings of it, then you have to go for some extra mile for it.

  1. Click on the outlook icon the top right corner and then go to settings.
  2. Inside settings search for the section name called calander. And their all the settings related to it will be avaible in that section, like adding weather, week start etc.
  3. One thing that might intrest you in outlook calander is you can suscibe any sports with your calander. So in future all the match date of that team will be visibale on your Outlook calander.

How to add Calander in Microsoft Outlook –

To add a new calendar on outlook first you have to open it in your browser. And then.

  1. Open the Outlook on your browser, and go to the calander section.

  2. In it click the add calander button available on the left side of the screen.

  3. And press the create blank new calander. After it name it, and save it.

And that’s how you create a new calendar on Outlook with just some simple steps. Now let’s see how to share it with your team and friends.

How to share Outlook calendar with friends and team –

  1. Open a calander in outllook which you want to share with your friends and team, if you have multiple calander in the case.

  2. Then click the share icon that is avaible on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Enter the email address in which you want to send it. And select the permission that you want to give that person.

  4. And now at last simply share it, by clicking the share button.

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