Fix Sound Problem After Connecting an External Monitor on PC

Working on two monitors is a great experience and convenient. It allows you to work on multiple tabs at the same time while keeping eye on each one of them. And where on the visual side it seems very appealing when you start.

But in the audio department, there may be some problems that you face at starting. And what I mean by that is, when you connect a second monitor to your display. By default, it may be possible that you can’t hear any voice when you play something on your system.

And the main root for it, that your audio setting is automatically connected to your external monitor that doesn’t have any sound system. And the solution to this, is you have to manually change it back to your laptop. So let’s see how it’s done.

Fix sound problem while connecting second monitor –

Note while doing this process first connect your external monitor with your primary system.

  • Open the search bar and search for control manager.
  • If you are seeing only some bunch of settings then click the category button in front of view and set it to large or small icon.
  • In all the other settings search for sound and click on it.
  • And now change your playback device from your external monitor back to your laptop system by clicking on it and then setting it as default.

Now go to youtube and any media where you can check the sound. And I hope that after doing this your sound will be back.

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