FAU-G : How to download, play and game modes


After a long wait, one of the most awaiting game is here. Yeah FAU-G the game has released on 26 of January 2021 at 10 AM. Most of the devices got the game a little late in Play store. But shortly after a period of time, every android user gets the game.

In only one day the game has almost 1M+ download on play store alone. And it’s a massive download number for any game in only one day. This numbers also show how much peoples are waiting and excited to play the game and get the first glimpse of it.

The game is announced in the previous year after the PUBG got banned in India. And after that, all the mobile gamers are quite excited to play the game. So if you are excited too and want to know how to download the FAU-G in your smartphone device. And how to create an account for the game so you can play.

How to download FAU-G on your Android and iOS devices –

For downloading the game you don’t have to do anything extra like downloading it from some other third-party apps or website. Because for android users it is available on Play Store so you can simply go to play store and download the game.

But for the iOS device users, the game is not available yet. So you have to wait to release the game for iOS platform.

In the Play Store, the game size is 400MB which is not very big. So you don’t need the wifi to download the game because of size.

And for login into the game, there is no need of any Facebook account, Twitter account or a Play Games account. All you have to do is create your username and enter the game there is no need for any login from other apps to play the game.

Game modes in FAU-G game –


Right now all the players have only access to Campaign mode. The Campaign mode is basically a store mode gameplay in which you have to play as a solo player. But there are two modes also there. Team Deathmatch and Free For All, and both of them are right now not available.

So at this point, you have only one mode to play. And its look like that the other two modes will be available soon. In which the third one Free For All looks like a battle royal. So it is exciting to see the other modes of the game too.

The in-game currency in FAU-G –


The game has also it’s own game currency like you have seen in other games. And these currencies will allow you to buy the weapons in the game. At this time there are no guns added to the arsenal. But its look like when the two other modes are going to unlock the more weapons will be added in the arsenal. That you can buy later.

One thing that is good in purchasing these game currency in FAU-G. Is that if you purchase an in-game currency the 20% of that purchase will go to the Bharat Ke Veer.

Settings of the FAU-G game –


The setting of the game is not complex and actually, there are only some options in settings for players to change. Like Game Volume, Background music, Graphics Setting that goes from very low to ultra and at last the Sensitivity setting.

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