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The 2021 year is very special for the beginning of the new social media platforms. Or can I say that a new type of social media platform? Since the Clubhouse has released in the last few months, it seems like all the big tech companies or other social media companies are after the audio social platform.

And for those of you who don’t know what exactly the social audio platform means. Then for a little reference, it is a type of social media that let its users participate or host in the audio conversation. And all these conversations are live not recorded. And that’s what makes it different from the podcast. Because all the podcast either audio or video are pre-recorded and the viewers can’t participate in them.

Now it is enough to get a little reference about what audio social platforms are. So let’s get talk about the topic for which we are here. Spotify new platform Greenroom. A few days back Spotify also released their audio service platform and name it Greenroom and just like I said before now it’s a race for a new social media platform. And Spotify just enters in it. But first, let’s see how you can use the app on your mobile.

How to download Spotify Greenroom on your mobile –

At this time the application is in its early access. But to try the platform you can use its app right now. It is available for both Android and iOS.

So if you are an iOS user go to the App Store and download it. And Android user use the Google Play store. Just simply search for Spotify Greenroom.

The login process is also very simple for the app. If you are not a Spotify user then you have to create a new account in it. But if you have a Spotify account then you can use continuing with the Spotify option. And then enter your name and date of birth. After uploading the photo in it, you are good to go with the app.

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