Clubhouse App : What is it and how it works

At this time the Clubhouse one of the most talked social media platform. And if you listen to the internet peoples then it seems like. Its the next big thing that is going to enter on the internet. But the question here is how much truth in it. And if you are from those people who haven’t heard about it yet.In simple language, Clubhouse is an audio-only social media platform. For eg Youtube is a video-based platform, Instagram and Facebook is an image and video sharing platform. Just like that this new application is an audio chat platform. Started in 2020 by Rohan Seth and Paul Davison.

Now you are thinking that what is the actual difference between a podcast and this so-called audio-only social media platform. Because in the podcast you also heard only audio. Now there is one very basic difference that is between the podcast and this platform. A podcast is basically a recorded form of content. Whereas this audio chat is live like you are attending a conference call or something.

And we are living in this time where the momentum is slightly shifting towards the audio content. Like in the past few years podcast is really famous. And I think this is a good time for this type of social media to enter.

But now we are again on the same question why it is so popular. And why suddenly everyone is talking about it. In my opinion, the answer is very simple. And why Clubhouse gaining soo much popularity in this less time.

What makes clubhouse so popular –

Every social media platform that is has a very huge user base has its own uniqueness. Or it was the first platform at that time that came up with that concept. And in my opinion, that’s the one big reason that’s what making Clubhouse popular now. Now let’s talk about its features

First, of all its an audio chat concept platform that you are all know now. Where you can join a group and listen to some big personalities in their field talking live. It’s like you are on a conference call with many different people. And things are happing in real-time not like you are listing some recording form of audio and when the conversation is over the room will be closed. There is no way you can access that audio again so you have to be in at that moment. And for some people, it is good or for some its bad.

The second thing that is making the clubhouse trending is its invite-only feature. It means you can only join the Clubhouse if some existing member sends you a join request. There is no other way you can enter the application by creating an account.

And that thing creates a premium vibe that there are only a few people who can access the application now. So if you are a person that has access to that application then you know that you are one of the few people that can use that platform. Like if you remember when Oneplus has started they also did there marketing by this method. And look where are they now. And it seems like it is also working for the clubhouse now.

How to create an account on Clubhouse –

If you are an Android user then I think it’s not your time now. And you have to wait for some time because at present the app is not available for Android. And there is no way now for android users to try this out.

But if you are an iOS user then you also have to slow down a bit. Because like I said earlier that the clubhouse is working on an Invite only concept. So to create an account on Clubhouse you need an invitation first from an existing member.

And if you have a friend or a known person to you who is using that application. Then don’t glad too much because the existing member also has a limited amount of invitation that he or she can send. And I think that number is two. So the only thing you can do is find a person who is willing to send you an invitation to that app.

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