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Clubhouse apk download

A while ago a company name Alpha exploration co has launched the app name Clubhouse for the iOS platform. And soon after its release, the app gets pretty famous. Also, many big names like Elon Musk and more join the platform. And it is a very big thing for a new application that some of the tech industry’s biggest names joined the platform.

And that’s why people start to talk about it and want to know what is special about this application. But the platform was actually unique as compared to other social media platform. The clubhouse is an audio-only app platform that allows its users to participate in an audio discussion room with some other users. The thing is it basically works like a podcast but it is not pre-recorded. All the conversations in the rooms happen at that exact moment. And that’s what makes Clubhouse stands out in the completion. Because of this uniqueness.

When the platform announced it was only available for iOS users. And only users who own Apple devices can use that. But now it is ready for Android users too. The developers of the app take time but at last, it is ready for all the Android users who want to try this application

 Features of Clubhouse platform

  1. Invite the only feature – Invite only feature makes a big role in the success of the Clubhouse. I don’t know for how much time it continues more. But it was a good strategy to use in starting. Because for joining the app you required an invitation from an existing member. And it makes this app different from other social media platform because like other platforms not everyone can join it easily.
  2. Rooms in Clubhouse – Rooms are a very important feature in the clubhouse. Where all the users of the app can connect in audio chat. The developers of the platform did a lot of work in this area and set them on different categories. Based on privacy.
  3. Allow communicating with users via audio – Clubhouse is an audio-only platform. That allows you to take part in a conversation with other users. On a topic that interests you most with different friends.

Download Clubhouse APK

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Alpha Exploration Co.



Download Clubhouse APK

Clubhouse for android is still in a pre-registration phase. And as soon as the app launch officially we going to update this article.

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