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Clash royale the summer update download
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Supercell has the creator of some of the most awesome mobile games that are available now. And from that list, one of the game is Clash Royale. After 4 years of their famous Clash of Clans game, the Clash Royale was released in March 2016. And within the release of the game, everyone knew that this Supercell game will also be going to be very successful.

And indeed it was on the play store the game has more than 100 Million downloads. Also, these numbers show how much peoples like this game. Like clash of clan, Clash Royale is also a strategy game but this time the strategy is made in front of the opponents because it is a real-time multiplayer game. This means the opponent and the players fight in real-time to destroy each other base. And whoever be first will win the game.

And now Clash Royale is come up with a new update that makes the game more interesting and exciting. The Summer update brings a lot of new things and changes to the game. That for sure you are going to like as a player

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Download Clash Royale APK

Highlighted features in Clash Royale The Summer Update

  • In the new update, the trophy road is extended to 8000 for the players. And the league now will be starting from the 5000 trophies.
  •  With the addition of two new Arenas in the Clash Royale, you now get chances to get more golds with better chests.
  • A brand new card is also added in the update. Know by the name of Goblin drill. It drills the tunnel from your side to your opponent place to unload goblins. And the cost of the Goblin drill is 4 elixir.
  • Another small but effective changes that are added this time is 5 more deck slots, rewinds are added while watching replays and permanent game mode in friendly mode.

To know more about the update you can click on the official update page of Clash Royale.

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