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Clash of Clans and Clash Royal a highly famous games on mobiles. That have more than 100 millions of download on Play Store. And the good thing about these games is both of the games can easily be played on any devices. Not like today’s games for which you need a flagship phone or high specification devices.

And this work is superbly done by a Supercell. Because year and year passed but the popularity of these games are still high. And that’s why the company decided to released 3 more games in the Clash universe. And it is the first time that the games have been announced that earlier by supercell. Because all the three games are in development.

And only the beta version of the game will be available after some time. But the one game that is unique in this Clash universe is the Clash Mini. Because it is the first card game in the Clash series. With a little twist of Clash characters.

The highlighted feature of Clash Mini –

This is the first game in Clash Universe where the fighting is not happening in the village or arena. But in the board. Yes, it is a strategic board game from supercell. Where players compete with each other using the miniature. They are small character that you have to use to fight against your opponent inboard.

And the work of the game is also simple. Where players place their miniatures at the same time on the board. And when the time start miniatures will fight against each other automatically.

The game is also focused on strategy most, not on real-time control like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. So the better you are at creating strategy the more chances you going to win the game.

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Clash Mini

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Note – This game is not released yet by the Officials of the game. But as soon as the game released we try to update the article. So stay updated with us.

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