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Clash heroes another game from the trio of Clash universe. That has been announced a few days earlier. And within the announcement, the hype for all three games has been increased among fans. You open any social media platform and search about these games. And see the engagement of fans there.

And that what the game developers also said in the announcement of the game. That the fate of these games is in the hand of the dedicated fans of the Clash Universe. Because all the games are now in the developing period. And the response from the fans tells, are these games joining the Clash Universe or not.

But from the early excitement shows us that the fans are really interested to see the first glimpses of the game. And want to try as soon as the company released the games beta version. And this is what makes Supercell games different from other games out there.

Highlighted Feature of Clash Heroes –

The clash heroes is an adventure game where clash characters have to complete the epic quest.

In Clash heroes, you can play as a single character. Or you can team up with your friends to play against the normal enemies or bosses. Bosses character are new in Clash universe and it is also going to be seen in Clash Quest.

In the announcement video, the developer of the game also said that the experience of the gameplay will be better whether you play for 5 minutes or half an hour. So it is a good thing if we also see this in practice.

Now the majority of the character that you use in Clash Heroes are from the Clash universe. But for this game Supercell also announced that they are going to add some new character too, for the increased gameplay experience.

The one thing that I like most about clash Heroes and definitely you all are also going to like is the new outfits of the characters. In the announcement, every character is seen in 2 to 3 new outfits.


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