Can you watch Bigg Boss OTT directly on Television?

Bigg Boss OTT on television

Bigg Boss, a reality show that is very popular among Indian houses. Is back with its new season or you can say that with its new formate. Most of you are thinking isn’t it too early for the show to arrive because mostly it is premier on the time of September and October. Then why this year it is arriving soon.

And this is a legitimate question too, but this time, Bigg boss has taken a new path and comes up with a new format that is Bigg Boss OTT. Also, the new formate is going to be host by Karan Johar.

And will be running for six weeks and after that, the show will be going to premiere on television. And again like every year Salman Khan will be hosting it on television. But this new format also causes a lot of confusion among the audience, and many are still trying to figure out where to watch this Bigg Boss OTT.

Where and when to watch Bigg Boss OTT –

The whole idea of this format is based on its release on Viacom18’s streaming service Voot. So if you are not sure where to watch the OTT formate Bigg Boss. Then you have to download the Voot and it will be available there exclusively. And this also means that the Bigg Boss OTT is not be shown on television. And you need Voot to watch it.

When to watch the BOGG Boss OTT –

You can watch the Bigg Boss OTT from Monday to Saturday at 7 PM on Voot. And the special episode where Karan Johar will appear for one day as host will be telecast on Sunday at 8 PM. Also in Voot, you can watch Bigg Boss 24X7 live.

Can you watch Bigg Boss OTT for Free?

For this question, the simple answer is No, you cant watch the Bogg Boss OTT for free. To watch the show you have to take a subscription of Voot Select which cost you about Rs 299/ year. And it is not too much for one year. So if you are like Bigg Boss then you can buy the subscription of Voot select and watch the show.

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